I am, as many close friends of mine know, a perfectionist. I define my perfectionism as having a specific vision for what I want out of life and getting frustrated when things aren’t progressing fast enough.

Perfectionism is good in that it inspires me to reach for the stars and dream big. I desire a fabulous life and find nothing wrong with that.


Success and dreams aren’t fulfilled overnight.

A child isn’t born knowing calculus ya dig?

I look back at some of my first songs and they are a mess.

I’ll give myself some credit, I had some catchy hooks… but a lot of my lines didn’t make sense to other people. My music bored people because the verses and choruses sounded the same.

Fast forward eight years, I’m writing in Nashville and creating material I’m decently proud of.

Mind you, the songs I’m proud of were co written with other people who sat there and told me if my lines were terrible. I also have learned how a chord can build a song to make it less dull.

I STILL GOTTA LONG WAY TO GO. There’s so many pro writers in Nashville that blow my mind by how their songs touch my heart. I’m just grateful to sit and listen to those legends.

Life ain’t about being perfect. And just because you suck at something doesn’t mean you should quit. It’s CONSISTENT effort, LEARNING, and LOVE for what you do that leads to desired success. Or, if success isn’t the goal, ya had a heck of a good go learning and enjoying something.

Today I’m encouraging myself and others to ENJOY the process of what they are doing and let go of everything having to be perfect. If you come up with something amazing. GREAT. If not, ya learned what NOT to do right? Right.

Keep Hustlin’ with Love Folks,


Sarah Mae Chilton


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