I’ve been in Nashville for over a year and a half now and I’m finding myself running on E recently.

Being productive is vital to dream following. But what does it all mean if I get sick from doing too much? I’ve found being overworked has made me lean on an unhealthy lifestyle. What’s a beer or two, or three to ease my tired soul? (no)

I ‘ve just gotten into a new relationship. Its been good for me because I’m all of a sudden more accountable to my life decisions. I can’t just be out five nights in a row writing and playing with little sleep because I have someone beside me who doesn’t necessarily want to run into the ground like I do. I also can’t be a hot mess because who wants to be with a hot mess?

Its interesting because I’ve dated people in the past who I didn’t care if I was a hot mess or not. But I’m learning that professionally and personally being a hot mess isn’t as cool as I thought. Feeling bad all the time isn’t cool either.

This week has been particularly busy. So has last week. and so has the week before that. I’ve been stressed. I know that in order to be less grumpy and bitter I need to set aside some time to rest at home, clean my room and get a decent nights rest. I know I’m going to be a lot happier.

Success isn’t a sprint. Its a marathon. Its constant, steady effort that leads to a lifetime career. Creating space for self-care, is beneficial to achieving your goals because you’re a lot less miserable and can foster important relationships.

So, for the sake of my damn self and some good peace of mind I’m going to set aside time. Will I have to cancel some obligations? yes. Will people be mad? probably. But maybe next time I’ll learn to not schedule as much and be more selective with who I give my energy to. My time is important and I gotta guard it to start feeling better.


Coming from the exhausted, overworked, Sarah Mae Chilton

Be sure to chill today!



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