This post has taken all day to write because I have had a lot of different things to say and have had difficulty stringing all the different ideas together.


Consistent Action. Which for me is currently to blog every Friday.

Other things I want to incorporate into my daily routine: vocal warm ups, meditation and strategic networking.

Also sleep. Gotta sleep regularly.

Cause practice makes perfect people. Every freakin’ day.

I’m resolving today that success or my dreams aren’t going to come in an instant.

I’m relaxing in that as long as I’m continually taking the next right steps, good things are inevitably coming my way.

This week’s successes:

  1. Playing out twice at places I enjoy with songs I’ve practiced my heart out to
  2. An opportunity to demo sing
  3. Recording the FOURTH song for my first Nashville recording project
  4. Writing this blog post


Cool. So dream following isn’t hard at all so long as you set up your daily habits for success.

I encourage yall to think about how the routines ya got. What could you differently to reach your goals?



Sarah Mae Chilton

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