5/4/2018 The Journey Prepares You

Dreams can be found in the here and now. Each moment is a stepping stone that prepares you for your full potential. My past experiences have taught me to be a better musician, human and friend.

When I was in Chapel Hill North Carolina getting my degree, all I wanted was to be in Nashville.

I was very depressed. I felt like I was wasting my youth following the status quo…going to college where a lot of my friends were going. Both my parents went to college and it was just an expectation in my family.

I’d been good at school my whole life and worked really hard so dropping out to be a musician might’ve been cool but I also loved the world of academia.

My education will continue hopefully. Getting a PHD is another dream of mine.

I’ve always thought, once I’d made it as a popstar, Id use my money to pay off student loans and get a PHD in something completely fascinating. I’d love to study fashion or art curation. That’d be cool. Who knows.

I was depressed through college however because I doubted I was on the right path. How could I pursue my popstar passions in Chapel Hill North Carolina where everyone else was trying to be nurses or doctors or business professionals?

When I told people my majors were music and anthropology… they asked me, “what are you going to do with that?”

I felt like “IM GONNA BE A FAMOUS POPSTAR,” would not have been a socially acceptable response.

Its only in hindsight that I see how my time at Chapel Hill prepared me for Nashville.

I got to learn that I wasn’t the center of the universe going from the top of my class to being an average joe in the smartness category.

Its funny because when I moved to Nashville I experienced a similar piece of humble pie. I was mediocre compared to all the talented musicians and writers.

This time though I haven’t been shocked that there are people better than me. I don’t have to be the best. I just have to find my own way.

The music scene in Chapel Hill also prepared me for moving to Nashville.

By the time I moved, I had learned how to make small recording projects in a studio, play on stage and collaborate with other musicians.

The most important thing that happened in Chapel Hill by far was the incredible friendships I made. I would never be who I am today without the late night conversations in the dorms with students on a completely different career path than me.

We discussed religion, politics, our backgrounds. I found out people didn’t believe the same things I did. They were raised entirely different. I gained a larger perspective on my own values.

I had people in the music community in Chapel Hill show me that I was lovable even at my worst. I let a lot of my demons shine on and off stage in that town. I had people there who loved me anyways. Who cared what was going on. They didn’t enable my behaviors but they showed me that they would stick with me through them. That unconditional love and support is something I will carry with me.

To conclude sometimes following your dreams isn’t what you think it will be. It doesn’t happen overnight and in the process of following dreams you find new ones that you didn’t even know you had. What’s most significant is the relationships you build, the moments you share, and the whole process in general.


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