How to Shift Your Focus to a More Positive Worldview


  1. Look up Cat Pictures
  2. treat yourself to your favorite meal and refuse to feel regret for piggin out
  3. call your best friend- one you haven’t talked to in a hot minute
  4. do something enjoyable that you don’t normally do but have wanted to for a while. I used to do cheerleading so I might go pay for some gym time to tumble or whatever
  5. call your grandma- I love you Mema!!
  6. donate money to something you give a decent crap about
  7. send an email to an old teacher thanking them for what they taught you
  8. Spend some time in nature
  9. cry so that you can get out whatever has been making you sad
  10. travel– even if its to the next town over. Sometimes leaving your usual routine helps shift your perspective.






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