About Sarah Mae

Carolina born, Nashville trained and world bound. Sarah Mae Chilton is a pop country music artist born in Winston-Salem, NC. Her first instrument is the piano and second is guitar. She first started playing out in high school at local writers nights, in her own rock band and for church youth events. It’s during this time she realized that she wanted to be a music artist. 


Sarah Mae got her degree from UNC Chapel Hill and studied music composition and anthropology with ambitions of getting into the music industry as well as to satisfy her own intellectual curiosity. Post-graduation she moved to Nashville, TN to apply what she’d learned. 


In Nashville she made a living singing on Broadway at Tootsies Orchid Lounge; a place famous for discovering legends such as Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson and many more. She also learned the craft of songwriting and wrote with all sorts of creatives; including Grammy award winning ones. 


She currently has moved back to Nashville from Tucson, AZ, after finishing a new project recorded during the pandemic. 


Sarah Mae has a lot of music under her sleeve these days and more ambition than ever to make her wildest of dreams come true. 


Her mantra: the best things are possible. 

Bring it on ;)